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26 March 2010 @ 07:58 am
Yea well.
27 July 2009 @ 10:52 pm
I read about this thing, where you make a list of 101 things you have to do in 1001 days. You create your own goals of course, but they have to be tangible I suppose. Anyway, I am going to keep my list on here. Today is July 27, 2009 and my 1001 days will be up on April 23, 2012.

1. Read 100 books I have never read.
2. Run the Chicago Marathon.
3. Go to San Francisco.
4. Read the Bible.
5. Get into Grad School.
6. Be able to do 100 pushups. (20/100)
7. Get a scuba diving permit.
8. Take sailing lessons.
9. Go Bungee jumping.
10. Teach Bella to run with me.
11. Get a motorcycle license.
12. Save up to get a new laptop.
13. Take a Pilates course and attend all the classes!
14. Take Tae-bo, same as above.
15. Get a bike that doesn't weigh a million pounds/goes faster than 2 mph.
16. Drink a liter of water every day.
17. Eat vegan for two weeks.
18. Go to a Cubs game!
20. Cut/Donate my hair.
21. Get a job!!!
22. Put $100-200 aside every month.
23. Have brunch at The Drake on a Sunday.
24. Eat 4 different types of cuisine I have never had before:
- Ethiopian
- Korean
- Bolivian
- Mongolian
25. Go white water rafting.
26. Go to the Grand Canyon.
27. Move to the West Coast.
28. Cook a whole turkey myself for Thanksgiving.
29. Take at least one picture with my digital camera every day.
30. Buy a medium format camera.
31. Visit 3 places in the US by bus or train:
- Boston
- Portland
- Philadelphia
32. Take the Greyhound to Toronto one long weekend.
33. See all 7 of the New World Wonders (2/7)
34. Go camping.
35. Learn how to surf!
36. Learn another language.
37. Lose 20 lbs.
38. Go wine tasting in California.
39. Make a food blog.
40. Keep a jar for change.
41. Have a themed party.
42. Invest in a pair of good/sturdy black high heel peep toes.
43. Make my own cheese.
44. Do the NYT's Sunday crossword puzzle every week.
45. Meet 10 new people and become their friend.
46. Go horseback riding.
47. Learn how to perform CPR.
48. Eat only raw food for a week.
49. Save $1000 in my savings account (emergency fund).
50. Join campus groups/clubs.
51. Apply for scholarships.
52. Take 100 rolls of 35mm film with my camera (3/100)
53. Make a monthly budget for myself and stick to it.
54. Be an extra in a movie.
55. Stop eating fast food altogether.
56. Watch 100 movies I have never seen.
57. Do all my DIY projects.
58. Learn to Ski.
59. Go snowboarding.
60. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
61. Spend one day a week away from the computer for a month.
62. Spend one day a week away from the computer for a year.
63. Visit 5 Chicago museums before 2010.
64. Keep track of what I spend daily in my moleskine.
65. Sell my old clothes off on eBay.
66. Spend a day at a spa.
67. Go see a play!
68. Keep my moleskine updated.
69. Sell baked goods at a farmers market.
70. Go to Buenos Aires.
71. Plant a vegetable or fruit or herb (and maintain it of course).
72. Try 20 new restaurants in Chicago/Indy.
73. Learn to play the guitar.
74. Save up for a nice, timeless bag.
75. Volunteer!
76. Not cut my hair for a year.
77. Subscribe to 2 reputable newspapers.
78. Fix my sewing machine.
79. Tan on a yacht.
80. Watch 10 documentaries I have never seen.
81. Buy myself a newer car.
82. Learn to play the piano.
83. Fix up a piece of vintage furniture (paint it, etc)
84. Go to the Mall of America/Megamall
85. Teach an exercise class!
86. Host a dinner party.
87. Give Yoga another try.
88. Go to Thailand.
89. Go to the World Cup in South Africa!
90. Go to a nudist beach!
91. Walk up the Sears Tower.
92. Watch the sun rise from the brown line.
93. Go bar hopping on Division St.
94. Clean the apartment once a week.
95. Visit every neighborhood in Chicago.
96. Get off at every stop off the blue, brown, and red line and walk around.
97. Go to back to NYC.
98. Make a snowman this year!
99. Start recycling at home.
100. Learn to like wine.
101. Get back to painting.

It took me way too long to think up of 101 things so some of them are pretty stupid, but I am stoked on this list nonetheless! Give me suggestions of other things I can add or if you liked the idea, you should do it too!
Possibly worst fourth of july ever
19 June 2009 @ 10:58 pm
i am in ny. i LOVE IT. i love my job. my apartment, my roommates!! it is awesome.

i work for : www.blackbookmag.com
go there.

today you should listen to:


xx => tt

24 March 2009 @ 11:54 am
wow im definitely a nerd for being really interested in reading this dictionary:


album for youuuu.


also, i am going to get my first D in college. ughhh i should get a tutor. i have never worked so hard to NOT just simply avoid failing before ahhh. womp womp.
im never going to get into Texas :( :(
i keep pretending i can take on too many assignments at once. an entire media guide in 3 hours = not gonna happen. Plus print newspapers ads for CFL. oh my lyfe right now.
08 March 2009 @ 08:27 am
oh man why is 8am so rough? because i had to get up at 6. i am so tired. this blows.
spring break is 5 days away, meanwhile my spring break beach body is like 4 months away haha ahh, no that funny.
if i ate nothing between now and sunday and ran 5 miles on top of doing a cardio workout everyday then maybe. so since my relationship with food is so strong, and i just made becca's favorite chocolate chip cookies with my super secret ingredient then it looks like that is simply not happening.

All of you should listen to this album, thanks. its actually one of the few i can just start at number 1 and at least make it to 6 without stopping. And plus i get to see them in august with lily allen. but shh, we arent telling anyone.

08 February 2009 @ 11:02 pm
ahh I heard LJ might be closing soon because of all of the layoffs, if that is true, then it is so sad :( all my hs memories are on here. ljbook.com bb woo!

I suck at updating this thing lately too, everyone on here pretty much died off but i really enjoy releasing all my extra frustrations aka rants

Today was a snow dayyyy! So basically sit inside and watch movies! YAY Taken was A+ and House Bunny was D-. haha and now college hoops Duke v. WF. booo duke.

I still have Econ reading, Sport Comm reading, and "school researching" for Agency 7 aka bug chad to send me Paoli's info ;). Maybe even send my lovie ms. rolston a fb message to londontown. we will see.

I missed out on Flight of The Conchords tickets for Little 500. this makes me :(
oh welz, im probably gunning for IUSf so i will be busy bee a la mode at the time anways. or this is me trying to make myself feel better for not winning the call in radio contest for said tickets.

I have been listening to this a lot lately:


hmm, well back to send clara 52987 bumper stickers and stay up all night doin infographics proj :(
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15 December 2008 @ 05:10 pm
i have not gotten a single thing done today.

but I did get Adobe Suite FO FREE from IU yayy. that means CS4, InDesign, etc... I'm so excited!!!

i'm feelin kinda girly lately, maybe its because last night we drank white zin and watched Maid Of Honor :) :) haha so now i wanna get a white tree and pink ornaments/pink xmas lights.

so for my secret santa, they say they like elephants/dogs/and art. and its ~$10 limitish. so i found this really cute elephant keychain that isnt cheesy on etsy for like 3, but i wanna ship it directly to her, and at the same time send other things, theres no way i can get it here first and then there in time since i waited so long. so i think im just gonna go ahead and send random things and random times then send her a message later. i know she just got a new laptop so im thinking about maybe a cute case? but otherwise i have no idea since its pretty vague.
16 November 2008 @ 10:58 pm
yay band!!!

97.75. um wowzers. its sad that the only people i really knew in it still were the two flute section leaders and marvis :(

ran into lots of bandos on saturday night. its also nice knowing im not the only loser that decides to go back and watch every year :)